Presentation Design 101 – What Matters For Your Slide Deck

We come to an age where highly visual presentation design matters. It is more a form of storytelling rather than telling steps of what the audience should do. Of course, most of us have encountered flat and boring presentation design when we were attending some conferences and of course, we most likely did it before.
I believe you have experienced in a situation where you have to present your ideas and thinking, “Is my presentation design good enough?” and put yourself more pressure before jumping into the talk. Or you’ve also dreamed of giving an empowering and memorable talk with stunning presentation visual toward your audience.
Don’t worry, you’ve come at the right time visiting our very first post since we will breakdown every fundamental thing to make your presentation design, starting from what to do and how you should do it.

What Tools Can I Use for Presenting?

Before we digging into the design fundamentals, these are the most common tools you can use to present your talk.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Google Slides
We are mainly using Microsoft Powerpoint since it has a large number of users. Each of these tools has its pros and cons. Regardless of what tool you will use, your design still the thing that matters. Now let’s jump into the fundamentals.

Start Creating Visually Engaging Design

Here are 5 tips on creating presentation design you should consider before you are giving a talk.
  1. One Main Idea Per Slide
This is the first thing you have to consider. You must’ve heard about minimalism. Its main idea is the less thing you have, the more value each of those things has. Yeah, it is also applied in your presentation design. The less content you have, the more impact of your presentation is. Take a look at these examples.
  • bad-example.jpg
Nobody likes the crowded example above. Remember that you are giving a presentation, not a document. People would rather listen to you speaking, not reading your slides. Also, almost nobody will know what point you will elaborate on in the slides.
  • good-example.jpg
Getting rid of all unnecessary details will emphasize ideas and will easily trigger the audience’s emotion.
  1. Choose Easy Read Fonts
There are so many fancy fonts out there. Fancy doesn’t mean it readable. Imagine you have a slide that looks like this.
  • bad-example.jpg
Look at this example slide using …. font. 
  • good-example.jpg
Readability is the key although you are giving a talk. So the idea of each slide can be delivered easily. You can add more font to give more dynamic in the typographical term. But you have to be more careful mixing up those fonts.
You can read more about using a proper mix of fonts here.
  1. Use Vibrant and Subtle Color
People love the vibrant and subtle color since it can easily evoke our emotions.
There are two ways for implementing colors into your slide deck. First, use your brand color. 
Here is an example of our work with our client …. implementing their brand color into their slides.
  • [contoh picture:(”)]
Keeping white space along with your brand color can invoke the identity of your company. Second, you can use a color scheme. You may use gradient colors or a set of color schemes to bring more dynamics design.
[](link about the color scheme)
Remember to create a harmonious color before jumping into implementing your color scheme.
  1. Use Variety but Consistent Layout for Each Slide
Remember that you are telling one story at a time. But, creating the same layout for each slide must be boring for your audience. Here is some example of consistent layout.
[contoh picture:consistent layout]
  1. Use Compelling Image or Illustration
There are so many both free and paid stock photos out there. Using proper photos will engage your audience more.
Here is an example of using proper photos.
Or you can use illustrations that 
Here are some tips you can use to add value to your slides.
  1. Create an outline of your presentation
It is a good thing for the audience to know the broad topic of your talks. Putting the outline of your slide decks at the beginning of your slide will help the audience clarify what is your talk all about.
  1. Include infographics
Including bunch of data into your slide decks doesn’t mean that you have to create the boring number slides. Infographic is the answer including data into your slides aesthetically. With the capability of presentation design tools right now, an infographic can be made without having a hard time.
  1. Leave it to the professional
Rather than wasting time thinking about what pleases your design, we are ready to help you design your slide decks in the shortest time with affordable price and professional quality.

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